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Logo Examples

  • Iconic / Symbolic: Uses visual imagery to relate to your product, company name or even communicate the intangible such as positioning, mission or ethics. Often these are the most recognizable brands in the world because a symbol can stand on its own, even without the brand name.

  • Logotype / Wordmark: Uses the details of typography to communicate the essence of your brand. The subtle personality differences of typography should never be underestimated. What typography characteristics best represents your business?

  • Combination Marks: The combination of the symbolic and wordmark logos. This is the most common type of logo because it combines the power and recognition of a symbolic logo with the awareness from being able to read the company name.

Many brands often have a version of each type of logo giving them versatility when using their logo in various space constraints. These brands have an approved symbolic logo, wordmark and combination logo that each has defined roles and uses. Some brands also evolve their logo over time. For example, Starbucks recently simplified their logo by dropping the type. 

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