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Why Branding Is More Than A Logo

Branding is certainly not a carefree topic. It is a critical element of any business. All too often logo design is treated as being interchangeable with branding. Although they go hand-in-hand, they are not the same. Many businesses overlook the true potential of what a brand can and will accomplish, settling for just a logo. Let's explore how you can seperate your brand from

your logo.


Every business should stand for something, and this is something that you should be clear on from the get go because it’s a key part of your overall brand and business strategy. It’s not just helpful for you to know what you stand for and what your brand values are so that you can base your marketing around this, whether that’s going to br through blogging, social media, or even finding ways to Automate your Adwords campaigns, it’s crucial for your potential customers to know it as well so that they can decide whether or not you’re the right company for them to work with.


Although branding is far more than a logo and graphics, this is definitely part of what makes up your brand overall, so it’s also important that you’re able to focus on getting clear with these and making sure that your brand visuals are used consistently to avoid confusion for your audience or sending different messages. Your visuals can obviously be everything from your logo, the graphics on your website, and even the labels you use for physical products, but they should always represent your brand in a strong way and be able to get your message across. To find more details about the power of good visual branding, you should consult with a branding expert who will help you with this side of things.


Many people are really struggling with their business - especially if that business is a personal brand because they hold themselves back out of fear of what people will think, so this results in messaging that is bland is seems to want to please everyone, which is an impossible task in and of itself, anyway. Polarizing does not mean that you have to go out and be controversial and offensive on purspose, but it’s simply about being comfortable enough in your values and what you stand for to be able to have that reflected in your messaging and marketing. Yes, you will lose people from your audience, and you will never please everyone, but this is also how you attract the right people to your business.


No matter what, if you want your brand to stand the test of time, then operating from a place of integrity is a must. Again, this will be something that will cause you to lose certain people because they don’t agree with your values, but you should never sacrifice your values or what you believe in to please other people - especially not when trying to build a valuable brand.

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